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The guest journey by aeroguest

Exploit and innovate to give your guests the hotel experience of a lifetime. Every time. While increasing your business’ efficiency and earnings.

Connect with your guests

Know the basics about aeroguest

Guest management system

AeroGuest Flow

Manage your hotel’s bookings in a fast and effective platform. See your guest’s check-in status, expected time of arrival and much more.

AeroGuest Flow is built from the ground up to save time, improve upselling, boost your loyalty program, and much more!

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AeroGuest lets first-time guests check in through a dedicated web platform. It just takes a few clicks and they are ready to either get their mobile key or pick it up at your front desk.

Best of all - Web Check-in features the same functionality as check-in with the App. The guest can still choose the exact room they want or upgrade to a better room. They can also sign your hotel’s Terms for Stay, scan passport and settle any outstanding payments.

All customizable to fit with your hotel's brand.

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Your guest’s travel companion

AeroGuest APP

With the AeroGuest App your guests get access to check-in, mobile key, curated experiences, requests and check-out. All packed into their own mobile phones.

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Connect with your guests


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Receives booking via sms and email

Receives booking in hotel lobby

Checks in with mobile phone

Unlocks door with mobile phone

Experiences and communication

Checks out with mobile phone

Books again with your prices

Receives SMS AND Email

Automated Digitalization sends an SMS and Email invitation before the guest’s stay, that asks them to check in now.

In AeroGuest Flow your hotel can edit existing SMS and Email templates or create entirely new ones that fits with your brand.

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Reduce your staffs workload with Manual Digitalization by enabling your guests to check-in by themselves when they arrive.

This is made possible with
GRAB Booking
and SNAP Check-in.

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Snap check-in is a fully modern and optimized solution, that makes it faster for your staff to check in guests.

Receives booking in hotel lobby

When the guest shows up at the front desk, your staff asks the guest to touch an NFC pad with their phone.

The guest is linked directly to a webpage, that generates a unique number on the guest’s phone.

The same number shows up in AeroGuest FLOW where your staff can pair the number with the guest’s booking.

The booking shows up instantly on the guest’s phone when paired and they are ready to check in. The receptionist can now help the next guest.

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With GRAB 
the guest can touch an NFC pad in the hotel’s lobby with their phone.

That way the guest can start their check-in without standing in queue first.

The guest is linked directly to a webpage that’s created for your hotel.

By selecting Check in now the guest can find their own booking.

The booking is found by entering their information in the form.

When their booking is found, the guest is ready to check in.

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Checks in with mobile phone

All your guests are now converted and they are ready to check-in. Let’s see how that looks!

On the first step during check-in, the guest can see their booking details.

The guest can decide to choose their own room, upgrade to a better one, or simply let it be chosen for them.

Here the guest selected to upgrade their room and added Breakfast to the stay. This will provide your hotel with a new revenue stream.

It’s possible to scan their passport to verify the guest’s identity. This can also be disabled to fit with your hotel’s needs.

The guest is then presented with your hotel’s Terms for Stay. It’s also possible to add information like address and more.

After filling the form the guest can sign your terms on their phone.

Any outstanding payment can be handled during check-in.

Check-in is now complete and the guest is almost ready for their stay!

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With the AeroGuest App your guest is ready to go straight to their room and unlock the door with their mobile key.

Curated experiences and communication

Your guests have already received a welcome message from your hotel and can also write to hotel staff if they have questions or requests.

Your staff can view and handle all messages with AeroGuest Flow.

The modern traveler is curious and adventurous. Offer your guests the best experiences and local cuisines with AeroGuest and claim your position as a destination.

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Checks out with mobile phone

On the day of departure your guest can easily check out in the App.

Any outstanding payments are handled.

The App will confirm to the guest that check-out has been completed.

If the guest want, they can submit a review of their stay. These reviews can be viewed and replied to in AeroGuest FLOW.

The booking card for their stay is now moved to ARCHIVED TRIPS where there’s easy access to BOOK AGAIN.

The navigation bar at the bottom also highlights that there’s new content in REWARDS.

Here the guest has received an invitation to join the hotel’s rewards program.

The guest joins the loyalty program and automatically receives their reward.

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Books again with your prices

As the next trip is coming up the guest can make a new booking by pressing the BOOK AGAIN.

The guest is first presented with the hotel they’ve already stayed at, while also highlighting hotels in your organization.

Before they confirm their stay, the guest can include BREAKFAST and other add-ons your hotel supports.

All prices are controlled by you, as AeroGuest integrates directly with your CHANNEL MANAGER.

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